New Short Put In Under Armour – $UAA –

New Trade: Sold 1 Put contract of  the 21 UAA 17FEB17 for $0.44. Huge gap down and it held the low near 21. I am willing to buy some here so I am selling a Put to see what happens. Break even for the position is $20.56 prior to commissions. If there is a pull (more…)

Short AZO with Call Credit Spreads

Update On My Open Positions and A Quick Note

Hello Traders    I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend! I have been hard at work updating my website to change up the portfolios a bit and introduce a new strategy. Today I will be giving you a quick update on all the open positions in the Index and Stock Option Portfolios.    I (more…)

New Updates, Trades, Service, and Strategies On Way!

Hello Traders, I have been hard at work to get my new plan for the newsletter and the service up and running. I am very excited about starting this service and bringing you a very exciting information and hopefully a forum that everyone enjoys. In the next year I am going to be improving everything (more…)

My Current Open Positions

Hello Traders, I am trying out a bunch of new service items this week and I will continue to try to make everything much more useful for all. I do want to get to a little business in the mean time. Here are my current open positions. $CAB, $ISRG, $IWM, $RACE, $TBT, $TWTR Keeping this (more…)

Working On New Updates!

Hello Traders! I just wanted everyone to know that I am still trading the account that you have been following  me on this whole year. I am working on getting all the account information up-to-date to post the year’s returns. It will be interesting as we go into the end of the year with the (more…)

Game Plan For Option Expiration

Hello Traders, Tomorrow is Friday and is expiration day. I have a list of trades that will have to be monitored closely to either close or to let expire.  I hope this is helpful to all of you that have been following me and I hope that you can benefit from this discussion as well. (more…)

Financials Breakout?

Hello Traders, Tonight I am going to try to address the following question. Did the Financials Breakout? So, let’s get started. Over the last few weeks I have been following the Financial sector and sitting on the sideline. I am kicking myself a little for not buying some of them as I have seen the (more…)

Bonds Sell Off Continues

Hello Traders, The Treasury Markets continue to sell off.  The 10 year is at 2.28% and the 30 year is at 3.03%.  This move has been significant and should be somewhat of a question mark on what the markets are going to do. So, if you look at it from an interest rate point of (more…)