I started my journey of trading many years ago and recently started sharing my skill sets with the world. I did this because I had many friends ask me about what I was doing to achieve such success in the markets and why it was working. My very curious friends inspired me to share my experience in the markets via a service that documents all of my trading. This will also allow me to teach and mentor along the way. I love working with people and will be expanding what is essentially a trading log into a more interactive and educational experience. The two services that are provided will show exactly what is being traded in real IRA and Cash Accounts.  There are no demonstration/paper money accounts being used in any of the Option Coach Strategies.

I hear all the time option trading is risky, and I would have to agree. In every trade that is executed the risk is thought through and planned. I relate the risk to the overall portfolio and the individual strategy. This defines the risk to a level that is supported by the portfolio. I know exactly how much risk I have on, why I have taken that risk, and the approach for managing each and every trade that is executed. These  services are being executed in several different sized portfolios with reasonable amounts of money. My goal is to prove that it is very possible to develop and execute a great trading plan and control your risk.

You will see that I don’t win every trade and I am not hiding anything. This is real performance and I don’t cherry pick the trades to portray better results. The only thing that I don’t show is the amount of fees that I am paying for the trades, but I set up trades with consideration of the cost of executing trades. I hope that you enjoy the services and I look forward to building an awesome portfolio, network of traders, and getting to share and learn with everyone that participates with the Option Coach.

In the near future I will be starting educational trading services to include lessons and seminars on how I trade. There will be an interactive trading sessions, chat rooms, educational documentation and instructional videos and webinars. This is part two of the purpose of this service.  As I said in the start of this note, the interaction and curiosity of others is what got me most excited about sharing my trading strategies. Over the years I have found that I love to teach, and this is causing the stars to align.

Lastly, I hope I get to meet and shake the hand of every person that participates in this service. It brings me great joy to know that I have helped others learn and get to experience this awesome world of opportunity in options. I also encourage each of you to reach out and contact me about how to improve the services I provide.

Happy Trading,

Option Coach