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Stock Option Strategy

This strategy is a little bit more aggressive because it takes on individual company risk and I find that I take a more directional bias when it comes to this strategy. In this strategy is where you would find some very short term trades that are focused on earnings plays and short term momentum trades. This is also the section that you would find a few swings for the home run trades.

Featured Strategies

Volatility Option Strategy

My strategies for volatility trading are across many different volatility driven trading vehicles. I have developed a strategy that takes advantage of the volatility future curves and I execute a process that uses options to increase my edge.  I feel that you have to add this type of trading to any option trading portfolio and I hope you follow me to see how it works.

Updating the Portfolios and Service! 

Hello Traders!  


  The website is about 75 percent complete with the updates I have been working on. Looking a bit better, but the content portion is going to be updated. I will be archiving all past performance because it really doesn't fit well with the current strategies. I will be building out an equity curve style of tracking the portfolio. Bottom line it is about making money. I will also keep some other key statistics that could be important to many as well as important to me. This is the area that I will try to improve. Yes, it is important to beat an index I would assume since everyone does it, I just feel it would be better to prove that you can make a living trading and not competing against some index. Especially if the index was down on the year, I would like to say I made enough money to live not just beat a negative index. I hope that my point is made.   


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Option Coach

Index Option Strategy

This strategy is formulated around the major indexes like the NASDAQ and S&P 500. I also tie into this strategy the use of individual sectors. This section will trade naked options, defined risk trades such as iron condors, vertical spreads etc. I also use this section to set up hedges internal to the strategy, or to hedge off some of directional or correlated risk from the other strategies.

My Option Trading Strategies 

My goal is to provide traders a simple plan for successful trading strategies using stock options. Every trading strategy has risk management goals, a strategy for each position that has very clear trading rules and goals.  My strategies are usually shorter term as I take advantage of trends that the market presents.  This allows me to be nimble and limit my overall long term market risk. I have also incorporated a volatility strategy that mixes in a variety of option strategies, timing, and market driven decisions. Lastly, I take some longer term shots on when I feel significant moves can take us for the ride, and then sell against it to lower the basis of the overall position.  I look forward to sharing my option trading strategies with you!