Strategic Option Trading

Index Spread Trades

See my long and short term stock option spread trading strategies on many of the major stock market indexes.

Long Term Covered Trades

My strategies for longer term stock option positions and often using a covered strategy to increase gains or to provide hedging.

My Disciplined Stock Option Trading Strategies 

My goal is to provide traders a simple plan for successful trading strategies using stock options. Every trading strategy has risk management goals, a strategy for each position that has very clear trading rules and goals.  My strategies are usually shorter term as I take advantage of trends that the market presents.  This allows me to be nimble and limit my overall long term market risk. I also create longer term positions with options that are designed to take multiple industry positions and directional positions lowering my market risk and giving a better probability of the big percentage winner.  I look forward to sharing my option trading strategies with you! 

Updates Are In Progress... 

Hello Traders!  


 I am working on changing numerous things throughout the website and the service over the next few weeks. Please be patient with me as I move through this transition. I am adding several things to include two different portfolios which will be reflected in a change in the strategy section. I am going to show you my management of these portfolios so you can follow along. I am going to be posting all of the trades in the current portfolio on Twitter until I have completed the transition. The next transition will be to go to live postings of all of the accounts for subscribers. This is the reason for fewer postings and Morning Prep emails. Again thanks for the patience and I am working to bring you a better format for all to follow along in this journey.

I hope that everyone has an awesome week of trading! 

Happy Trading,

Option Coach

Featured Strategies

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Stock Spread Trades

My strategies for trading short term stock option spread positions on individual stock positions.

Aggressive Trades

See my aggressive approach to individual stock options trading and taking advantage of opportunity trading.